fredag 15. juli 2016

During my 40 years as a breeder, I have registered a total of 178 puppies in NKK
My Champions
Lilleba's Bavel Breda
Lilleba's Bavel Fancy Free
Lilleba's Baywatch Silverguard
Lilleba's Berita Cassio
Lilleba's Crescendo Baywatch
Lilleba's For Your Eyes Only
Lilleba's Guardian Silverangel
Lilleba's Midnight Playboy
Lilleba's Silverboots
Lilleba's Special Silver Kelly
Beritas Belafonte
Freeland's Floodlight
Romar's Alliance
Silver Joker Roy Rocky
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onsdag 8. juli 2009

My Poodles and their pedigrees

This site is under work, be patient.

Pedigrees of my old poodles who have staid at home in my house their entire live.

Norway: Clipperline Nicko Silver Boy, M 1971 (Nicko)

Rakkisysla's Night Favourite F 1973 ( 1 CC ) (Janca)

Swe. imp: Stortuvans Midnight Genie F 1974 (Honki), 2xCC, 18x 2VK & CK

Eng. imp: N.Ch. S.Ch.
Beritas Belafonte M 1974 (Diggen)

Norway: N.Ch.
Lilleba's Bavel Breda F 1975 (Breda)

Norway: Lilleba's Bigwig Bonaparte Napoleon M 1975 ( 2xCC ) (Napoleon)

Lived in my good neighbour's house.

N.Ch. Lilleba's Midnight Playboy M 1978 ( Titten Tei )

Am. imp: Char-K Kimberly F 1975 (CK & CACIB's ) ( Kimmy )

Am. imp: Freeland Fretwell the Manorhil M 1980 ( Frankie )

Am. imp:
Int.N.Ch Freelands Floodlight M 1982( Eric )

N.Ch. Lilleba's for Your Eyes Only F 1982( Bitte )
Lived by my husband's cousin.

Lilleba's Silver Lilly F 1980(Lilly) BIS puppy, CACIB's

Norway: Lilleba's Silver Sojourn F 1980(Sojo) CK, CACIB's

Lived with some of our friends.

Norway : Lilleba's Fanny Glick F 1980 (Fanny) 2x CC, CACIB's

Norway: Lilleba's Char-K Classic Touch M 1980(Touch) 1xCC, CACIB's

Lived with some great friends here in Gjøvik.

Norway: Lilleba's Line Eiksdatter, si dw, F 1994, (Line) CK

Norway: Lilleba's Christina Eriksdatter, bl min, F 1994 (Christina) CK

Norway: Dt.VDH.Ch.Lilleba's Guardian Silverangel, si. dw, F 1998, (Martine)

Norway: Lilleba's Silverspoon of Love, si.dw.F, 2002 (Anna)

Norway: Lilleba's Silver Eyecatcher, M Norway, prcd-A 2000 (Anders)

Norway: Lilleba's Silvertears in Heaven, F 1999, prcd-A (Sissel)

Irl. imp: Int.Nord.Ch.N.Vinner 2005 Romar's Alliance, M 2003, prcd-A (Sam)


Norway: Int.N.Dk.Ch.Nord Vinner 2008 Lilleba's Silverboots, M Norway, prcd-A + movie 2005 (Terje)

Norway: Lilleba's Silver Destiny, M Norway, prcd-A 2008 (John)

Hu. import: Silver Joker Roy Rocky, M, Norway 2008, prcd-A (Rocky)